The Sembler Company is pleased to announce the grand re-opening of one of St. Pete’s busiest shopping centers: Disston Plaza, a Publix-anchored neighborhood center at the corner of 49th St. N. and 38th Ave. N. The new store opened on Saturday.

“Disston Plaza is a great example of a type of project we feel makes a huge impact, at an ‘every day’ level,” said Sembler SVP of Development Josh Beyer. “We were able to work with the city of St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Publix, our tenants, nearby residents and neighboring businesses to make Disston Plaza a more convenient, safer, more attractive place for the  hundreds of local residents who shop there daily.”

A major part of the Disston Plaza redevelopment project was tearing down the existing Publix and replacing it with a new, 45,600-square-foot store. Other upgrades included new lighting and landscaping as well as improvements to parking and pedestrian areas. Additionally, traffic flow in the area was improved by a new traffic signal placed on 49th St. N. and the widening of 49th St. N.

“Our commitment is to the communities we touch. Much of our business is in neighborhood centers – places where people go every day to buy groceries, eat dinner, go to the doctor, and shop,” said Sembler CEO Ron Wheeler. “Because of that, we end up feeling extraordinarily invested in the markets we serve.”

While Disston Plaza is only about three miles from Sembler’s headquarters, the company’s portfolio stretches throughout the southeastern U.S. and Puerto Rico, where it currently leases and manages nearly 10 million square feet.

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