Retail Centers Strive to Sign ‘Internet-Proof’ Tenants

Many people are relying on online-shopping and sites such as Amazon to get the products they need in a quick and efficient manner… but that doesn’t mean shopping centers will die off. Instead there is an ever-increasing need for “internet-proof” tenants in traditional shopping centers. wrote an article about this trend and it quotes Ron Wheeler, CEO of Sembler, saying…

“Ron Wheeler, chief executive officer of St. Petersburg-based property developer Sembler Co., told the Tampa Bay Times “Internet-proof” business is in high demand among retail landlords because they provide “experiences you can’t get online.” Sembler cited urgent care centers and dental offices, for example, as well as gyms, hair salons and restaurants.”

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Seemuth, Mike. “Retail Centers Strive to Sign ‘Internet-Proof’.” The Real Deal Miami, The Real Deal Miami, 28 Aug. 2016,

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