SCT (Shopping Centers Today) recently featured an article about Sembler’s Director of People and Culture, Laurie Cable.

Cable, who brings to Sembler 20 years of experience in human resources and operations, was first attracted to The Sembler Company for the interesting title of “Director of People and Culture” that we used for the more traditional “HR Director”. It was the emphasis on people that Laurie wanted to learn more about. “Over the years, I’ve always gravitated towards the ‘people’ part of my job. I don’t shy away from employer relations. Openness and transparency are crucial in a healthy work environment.”

Now, after working with the company since the fall, Cable continues to sustain the Sembler vision of creating a cohesive culture in which our people are happy and successful.

To read the full article CLICK HERE. (pg. 2018)

Milioto, Misty. “Cultural Affairs.” Shopping Centers Today, 1 May 2018, pp. 208.

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