The Sembler Company has added value to retail projects throughout the Southeast. Learn what the Sembler team can do for you.



With over 50 years of experience and more than 12 million square feet managed, Sembler is a leading service provider to institutional and private owners of commercial real estate.   Our results-driven team of experts deliver cost-efficient management for a variety of real estate endeavors from stand-alone bank branches to 1.2 million square foot mixed-use town centers.

Utilizing Yardi Voyager, a state of the art property management reporting software, the Sembler property management experts are able to maintain your commercial asset with the highest level of efficiency and sophistication.  Sembler property management services available for your commercial real estate asset are listed below:

  • property management
  • property accounting
  • accounts receivable and collections
  • renovations and remodeling
  • tenant relations and retention
  • lease and term renegotiations
  • cost containment
  • security
  • maintenance
  • tax appeals
  • cash flow optimization and capital preservation

For information regarding any of these services, please contact the following team member(s):

Steve Althoff

Sue Harker, VP of Property Management
Phone: (727) 384-6000 ext. 3113

Guillermo Cruz

Hank Thomas, Property Manager
Phone: (404) 847-1800 ext. 3259


Frank Militello

Kelley Guitierrez, Property Manager
Phone: (404) 847-1800 ext 202

Jessica Bednarski

Michelle Pierce, Property Manager
Phone: (904) 778-0430


Serina Nguyen-Ho

Jackie Cataldo, Property Manager
Phone: (727) 384-6000 ext. 3148

Stevens Tombrink

Patti Hinckley, Property Manager
Phone: (727) 384-6000 ext. 3126


Suzanne Shank

Veronica Breck, Property Manager
Phone: (727) 384-6000 ext. 3025 

Stevens Tombrink

Sandy Foote, Tenant Coordinator/Construction Manager
Phone: (727) 384-6000 ext. 3010