The Sembler Company has added value to retail projects throughout the Southeast. Learn what the Sembler team can do for you.



Applying 50 plus years of exceptional experience in leasing commercial retail properties, Sembler can optimize the exposure of your asset resulting in increased occupancy. With tenant relationships at the highest C-suite level of each major retailer you will be getting the benefit of our reputation at no additional cost.

Sembler does not just rely on its reputation; each commercial leasing representative actively prospects for new tenants for your center. They are constantly in contact with your asset manager, building knowledge about the sub-market of your property, providing timely reports, and creating an exciting experience for your prospects.

What does all this mean? You stay more fully leased resulting in greater NOI and value for your asset.

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For information regarding this service, please contact the following team member(s):

Steve Althoff

Steve Althoff, Sr. VP Leasing
Phone: (727) 384-6000 ext. 3005

Guillermo Cruz


Nichole Popovics, VP of Leasing
Phone: (727) 384-6000 ext. 3126

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Guillermo Cruz

Guillermo Cruz, Vice President - Puerto Rico
Phone: (787) 745-4805

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Frank Militello

Frank Militello, Sr. Leasing Representative
Phone: (727) 384-6000 ext. 3047

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Jessica Bednarski

Jessica Moreno, Leasing Representative
Phone: (727) 384-6000 ext. 3134

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Serina Nguyen-Ho

Serina Nguyen-Ho, Leasing Representative
Phone: (727) 384-6000 ext. 3148

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Stevens Tombrink

Suzanne Shank, Sr. Leasing Representative
Phone: (404) 847-1800 ext 3213

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Suzanne Shank

Chelsea Rogers, Director of Digital Media
Phone: (727) 384-6000 ext. 3036