The Sembler Company has added value to retail projects throughout the Southeast. Learn what the Sembler team can do for you.


Build to Suit Real Estate

Sembler offers a team of professionals dedicated to the development of stand alone Build to Suit retail stores. This team known as the Build To Suit group has developed over 200 stand alone stores for leading national retailers such as Walgreens, WaWa, McDonald's, Advance Auto Parts, Wendy's, JP Morgan Chase Bank, AT&T, Starbucks, and RBC Centura Bank to name a few. 

Click here to see the build to suit retail properties we have developed over the years.

For information regarding this service, please contact the following team member(s):

J.P. Guzzardo

J.P. Guzzardo, VP Development & Manager
Phone: (727) 384-6000 ext. 3037

Dave Davis

Dave Davis, Development Manager
Phone: (727) 384-6000 ext. 3043



Michael Bartley


Michael Bartley, Market Research Analyst
Phone: (727) 384-6000 ext. 3052